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As we know that this is an era of Smartphone and it is the desire of almost all the Smartphone users that their Smartphone should have the best camera. In 2018, Google Pixel 3 has solved this problem of the users because it is providing the best camera on a Smartphone. The result of its camera is 12.12 MP. Its design is better than the design of Google Pixel 2. Due to its smart design, it is easy for the users to handle it. If you are asked to write an academic paper on the use of Smartphone, then you can get help from experts of the dissertation proposal writing services. The essential features of Google Pixel 3 are explained below;

  • Special features

It is a fact that if a company launches another model of its product, then it tries to add some special features in it. In a similar way, the Google brand is going to launch Google Pixel 3 after Google Pixel 2. That’s why the people are expecting that this model of Google brand will have some special features that are not present in Google Pixel 2. In these special features, there comes the position of a fingerprint sensor. The position of a fingerprint sensor is at the rear. Moreover, it has also some other sensors like light sensor, barometer, compass, and accelerometer etc.

  • Multimedia

The multimedia part of a Smartphone is divided into three parts. First of all, there comes loudspeaker. Google Pixel 3 has a loudspeaker. In the second, there comes FM radio. This essential model of Google brand doesn’t have the facility of FM radio. At last, there comes an audio jack. USB Type C audio jack is used in this essential model of a Smartphone.

  • Camera

The best quality camera is used in this essential model of a Smartphone. This camera can be controlled with the help of an IOS control. The camera of Google Pixel 3 can zoom the pictures by using the digital quality; its flash is auto, it can detect the face, and the users can focus the object simply by touching it. If we talk about the image resolution, then we come to know that its image resolution is 4032 X 3024 Pixels. It can easily sense the images with the help of a CMOS sensor. The range of its shooting is highly dynamic. It can also stabilize the image in an optimal way. Its flash is Dual LED.

  • Battery

The real problem with a Smartphone is that its battery timing is not satisfactory. The Google brand has also tried to solve this problem of the Smartphone users with the help of a Google Pixel 3. The capacity of its battery is 2915 mAh. The type of its battery is Li-ion. It has a quick charging system. You can also charge it with the help of a wireless charger. The users are not able to replace the battery of this essential kind of a Smartphone.

These are some essential and attracting features of Google Pixel 3. Its price will start from 739 pounds.

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