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There are some governing similarities between the UK parliament and the US Congress. Despite these governing similarities, we can see clear differences between their political systems. In the US Congress, there is a governing system which consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Parliament has the supreme power and parliament members can make decisions without taking care of the checks and balances. On the other hand, the UK parliament consists of the House of Commons and House of Lords. For the specific governing duties, they rely on the Crown. To my extent, the UK Parliament is better than the US Congress. Here, experts of dissertation editing services will discuss how the UK Parliament is better than the US Congress.

Before taking an overview of their difference, we should try to get an idea about Congress and the Parliament. Congress is a house of representatives in the US. On the other hand, Parliament is a house of representatives in the UK. First of all, the UK Parliament is better than the US Congress because the US Congress has more power and influence. Due to this power and influence, they can make some awkward decisions because no one can stop them. On the other hand, the UK Parliament has less power but more influence. That’s why we can see check and balance in their decisions. On the other hand, we can see that there is no check and balance in the decisions of the US Congress.

There is also a clear difference between the definitions of the UK Parliament and the US Congress. First of all, we define the US Congress. US Congress comprises of a group of people who are highly ranked among the current officials. These officials are elected by the people through election. On the other hand, UK parliament comprises of a group of such people who are directly elected by the people through election. The UK Parliament provides a chance for the common people to elect such representatives who have the ability to solve their problems. A congressman is a person who becomes part of the US Congress. Member of Parliament is a person who becomes part of the UK Parliament. Therefore, we can say that the UK Parliament works for the welfare of the common people in an effective way.

The system of election is also better in the UK Parliament that the US Congress. In the UK Parliament, the members of parliament are elected by the people through the election and they are allowed to complete their whole term. On the other hand, in the US Congress, midterm elections are held. These midterm elections are held within the Congressmen rather than common men. As a result, the Congressmen-elect new Congressmen for the welfare of the people. As a result, there is a possibility that these officials may select such Congressmen who don’t have enough abilities to work for the welfare of the people. Sometimes, there is also a possibility that such Congressmen are elected who are not liked by the common people. This difference shows that the UK Parliament is better than the US Congress.

Stress is an input for survival but a lot of stress can be detrimental. Emotional stress that stays around for weeks and months can weaken the immune system of human beings and it is the cause of high blood pressure, depression and even heart disease. In particular, too much stress is very harmful to human health. However, in many cases, stress is not a bad thing, because, it gives us the energy to finish our work project. However, too much stress is hard on our bodies. It can cause physical problems like headache and sleep problems. Stress symptoms can affect our body, our thoughts, feelings and our behaviour. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of dissertation editing services will discuss that stress is really harmful or not.

Stress is a response to change, because, it can be positive or negative. However, it affects both the body and the mind. Usually, stress stimulates the release of hormones such as adrenaline, quickening the heart rate, accelerating the metabolism, and generally prepares our body for emergency action. Stress can devastate a student academic session, because, it kills the joy of learning. Stress is really harmful to student health. It is very difficult to identify the source of stress as well as a handle with stress in academic secession. It is most important for the student to feel stress-free in order to gain high grades and improve their skills.

The body does not distinguish between negative and positive stress: the excitement and anxiety strain can dispirit the immune system of any student. Stress is very harmful, because, it effects in strength and duration. Sensitive stress, intense stress that lasts a short period of time, can rapidly exhaust you, even to the point of triggering anxiety attacks or states of shock. Chronic stress that extends over time is a subtle condition.  A student can become familiarized to some level of continual tension, but this stress will yet damage you. Chronic stress is often ignored until understandable physical symptoms appear.

Natives can face and difficult time and may feel depressed. In fact, stress is one of the five stages of the Kubler Ross grieving process, and yet a tough time for the students. A student should think positive in order to overcome the stress. Here are common sources of stress include examinations, bereavements, parental expectations, homesickness, and conflicts with intimate partners, and thoughts of the future. Untimely physical signs of stress can include frequent illness, slow recovery from disease, and hypersensitivity to irritants such as pollen and persistent rashes or headaches. Controlling stress is easier if you enter a circumstance with a clear graph for dealing with stressors. Try to develop a comprehensive stress strategy in order to feel stress-free. You should develop a complete relation routine in order to stay fit and healthy. Stress can be harmful to all the students, but in many cases, it is helpful, because, it provides us power in order to finish our projects in the class.