This question might leave you very surprised and even shocked; it is very hard to believe that machines can be taught to write academic papers and that they can do a good job of it but this is true. The way technology is progressing and the marvels that it is doing, it is no surprise that machines can learn to write academic papers and help students in all areas of their education. It might have seemed unbelievable a few decades ago but now the idea does not seem so alien as we have been witnessing the progress technology has been making and the way it has been helping the world move forward.

It would not be wrong to say that these days anything is possible. From flying cars to machines that speak, nothing is too farfetched and we can easily believe that machines can learn to write academic papers with the right program and software.  Artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, has been making great advancements and this has given researchers a chance to come up with improved and enhanced ideas to work and seek better results.

Researchers of UK assignment writing services believe that in the coming years, AI might take over several industrial sectors, eliminating the need for human supervision as the machines will be able to do things on their own. It will not come as a surprise then if an average student has to depend on an AI to get a well-written academic paper to present in the class.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Academic Writing:

During the past few years, several books and creative pieces have been written with the help of machine learning. Some books were developed completed by machine learning, which is indeed a great achievement. What is most important to know here is how AI technology pulls off this seemingly incredible feat. According to the researchers, the most popular way to do this seems to be the Natural Language Generation (NLG).

NLG is a relatively seamless software process that utilizes cloud computing to manufacture written narratives from data. To put it easily, it takes data and transforms it into a human-sounding written narrative. Apart from the use of NLG in creative writing, another way through which AI has been integrated into the writing industry is via predictive text. You can understand the role of AI better if you have ever had a predictive text generator fill out certain blanks when writing an essay.

How Machines Can Learn To Write Academic Papers:

Even though many of us are unable to understand how it works, there certainly some great advantages of machines learning to write academic papers and helping students. The global writing community has still come to terms with this notion that instead of students, machines will be working on academic papers.   AI writers can mimic human intelligence and transform data into a narrative with the speed of light which is far more efficient than a human brain. However, it is necessary to know that AI lacks the creativity, inspiration, and emotions that can be expected from a student.

Without any doubt, academic writing can be a long, stressful, and time-consuming task especially when students have so many other things to do and take care of at one time. Sometimes, even the most brilliant of students are fed up when they get back to back academic papers and do not know how to work on them the right way and produce good results.

AI can be taught to get more work done in significantly less time. Not only this, but it also eliminates the stress that comes with researching, collating, and transforming data into narratives.  Researchers who have experimented with AI have achieved favorable results that show the potential of the technology and how it can be used for helping students with tough academic writing tasks that keep them stressed.

While it is difficult to answer the question if machine learning will fully take over students, with tools like MS Word, artificial intelligence can help students by coming up with academic papers. Experts believe that as technology progresses, it can be made to work more comprehensively and there will be a time when students will depend on AI to help them.  At the same time, it is necessary to remember that while machines might be taught to do what is necessary but they will not have the experience or the skill and it is in this department that human touch or feeling cannot be replaced.

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