Can you study remotely? If yes, then MOOC is the best option for you out there. MOOC is the abbreviation of Massive Open Online Courses. Online courses are becoming a rapidly growing industry. Anyone irrespective of their location can take such courses. MOOCs often enrol a large number of students from all over the world. The number of participants is in the thousands.

Due to technological advancements, several MOOCs are computer-related. For example, Stanford University is offering MOOCs in machine learning. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are attracting computer professionals from all around the globe. The classes are online. Due to this, students can participate from any part of the world. Computer professionals who couldn’t attend Harvard and Stanford physically can take these courses.

Why MOOC’s are so Popular?

Most of the courses are free of cost. They are providing computer professionals with the essential skill set they require. These topics are not only limited to computer professionals. Other attendees include those who want to learn a habit.

Another benefit to computer professionals is that they can learn language and programming skills at home. The professionals can then add these courses to their resumes.

Benefits to Computer Professionals

MOOCs are offering some great benefits to professionals. These benefits include;

1.      Flexibility

Flexibility is the main benefit these courses offer. These are designed to be flexible. It is because they don’t depend on a certain age group. Everyone can learn it irrespective of their age and location. The time is also flexible in this. As these are not formal classes. So, you don’t need to worry to takes classes on time. The schedule is dependent on you. Whenever you want to study, you can open it and study.

Computer professionals can learn these extra skills after their job time. These courses simply require you to submit weekly assignments. Hence, flexibility is the plus point.

2.      Exceptional Accessibility

The accessibility to everyone is exceptional. In a university, you can learn if you are physically present in the class. But MOOCs offer you such accessibility that no other medium does. You just need to have an internet connection. The courses and content are available 24/7.

This online system allowed millions of professionals to learn and grow. Especially the computer professionals, they can learn without going to university. The MOOC’s industry is growing bigger with each passing day. Universities are adding a large number of programs day by day.

3.      Alternative Assessment

The ways of assessment of these courses is also different from traditional ones. In traditional methods, the assessments are teacher-centred. But MOOCs share this burden of teachers. They offer alternative assessment methods. These alternative methods can be computer-based grading and peer assessment.

According to the assignment writing service firm, due to a large number of participants, forum discussions are also effective. These discussions help instructors immensely to assess a large number of students. Computer professionals do assignments related to their courses. These can be programming or coding assignments.

4.      Collaborative & Integrated Learning

Collaborative learning is one of the major benefits offered by MOOCs. The students and teachers work together under an umbrella. These umbrellas are websites offering courses. In MOOCs, the integration depends on the instructor. If your instructor wants, he can make groups. Otherwise, you will work as individuals towards a common goal.

Computer professionals working in collaboration makes them productive. Hence, collaborative and integrated learning is the plus of MOOCs.

5.      Cost-Effectiveness

Due to socio-economic problems, many students can’t enrol themselves in their dream universities. Sometimes, the seats in a college are very few. Students face such problems often in life. At the same time, MOOCs are cost-effective. That is why they can accommodate a huge number of students.

Computer professionals can also pay a little amount of money to learn these courses. MOOCs help you advance in your field fastly. Taking courses on machine learning is not expensive at all. A university will charge you a fee of hundreds of dollars to learn. But these courses are as cheap as 50-60 dollars.

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Given the potential provided by the platform, there is no doubt that MOOCs are here to stay. The popularity of MOOCs is increasing day by day. The management of essay writing service firm said that it is due to a boost in computer and freelance related programs. Freelancing is an ever-growing industry. Nowadays, almost every field is computer dependent. Hence, MOOC is the need of the hour. There are also other benefits of these courses. You can look for them on the internet.

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