Every passionate student aims to secure admission to one of the best universities in the world. When students search for the best universities, they find universities of the UK on top. The UK is a dreamland for many students. The reason behind this all is top-quality education system in the universities of the UK. Hundreds of international students apply in top ranking universities in the UK every year. The universities do not only allow international students but also facilitate them with scholarships. Furthermore, the reputable universities offer all accommodations and other work opportunities. In this article, you will see every relevant aspect of the requirements for having a degree in the UK. Let’s discuss admission requirement and grading system in the UK first.

Understanding Degree Requirements in the UK

English Language Proficiency Tests

When you start thinking about admission in the UK, the first step should be working on your English language. If your English is already fine, it’s well and good. And if you are not good at English, you can join some short courses for learning English. This problem usually occurs when you are applying for a bachelor level degree. Those who apply for a master or PhD degree mostly attempt test for a certificate. So, when you join some short course for learning English, you will have a certificate. Afterwards, you have to use that certificate as proof of your proficiency in the English language. But make sure you have one of the following certificates.

  • International English Language Testing System
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Pearson Test of English Academic
  • ‘Duolingo’ English Tests
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
  • Trinity Secure English Language Tests

Bachelor Level Degree Requirements

Just like other people, if you think UK universities do not offer admission at the bachelor level, then you are wrong. You can get admission in any course type for sure. For a bachelor degree, you must have cleared your tenth as well as twelfth standard. If you do not have these two degrees, you cannot get admission to any national or international university. You have to provide these two degrees as proof.

Furthermore, you have to write a statement of purpose. It is essential to remain very conscious while writing a statement of purpose. It is preferable to ask some senior person for assistance. In the same way, ask your last institute for letter of recommendation. Also, you have to attach certificate of your English proficiency test, passport ID and bank statement. In the last, you have to come up with an offer letter and a student visa. Arrange all these documents and then apply for admission.

Master Level Degree Requirements

The rate of master admissions is way more than the bachelor level. Every year most of the students apply for master degrees in different fields. At the master level, you can pursue your bachelor degree. Also, you can change your field. It is totally up to you. For example, you did a bachelor in engineering, but now you want to go for a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Yes, it is possible that you can switch your field. So, the main concern is to know about the requirements for a master degree. Though most of the documents are the same as required for the bachelor level, some of the additional documents are also required here. In here, the ‘statement of purpose’ and English proficiency test is the same as we discussed for bachelor level. Same as passport, student visa and offer letter are also in the list of the required documents. The additional documents include a transcript of my bachelor degree along with 10th and 12th level degrees. Furthermore, you are supposed to submit two recommendation letters rather than one and GRE/GMAT score. Also, you need to add a detailed resume and bank statement too.

PhD Level Degree Requirements

For pursuing PhD degree, you have to write a research proposal. Based on the proposal, you are asked for an interview. If you clear that interview, then you need to come up with the required documents. It includes all official transcripts, proposal and SOP. The rest of the documents are the same as resume, passport and English test score. Also, you have to arrange a student visa, offer letter and bank statement.

Understanding Grading System in UK

The grading system for bachelor, master and PhD vary from each other. At a bachelor level, you will have to see four types of honours based on your grade or percentage;

  • First-Class Honour is for 70 to 70+% and grade A
  • Upper Second Class Honours is for 60 to 69% and B grade
  • Lower Second Class Honours is for 50 to 59%, and grade C
  • Third Class Honours Degree is same as grade D and percentage from 40 to 49
  • Any students who fall below third class honours degree will fail. In terms of grade, he will have grade C

For the master level, almost same percentage is used for primary classification. Just the name of qualification merit differ as follows,

  • Distinction for 70 to 70+%
  • Merit for 60 to 60%
  • Pass for 50 to 59%
  • Fail for below 50%

It is not necessary that all of the universities will follow the same pattern. This one is the basic criteria. Some of the universities can go for strict or more lenient grading systems in the UK. In the case of a PhD, you would not see any grading system in the UK. Here you have just two situations of pass or fail and no in-between.

Final Thoughts

Many students apply for UK degree, but not all of them get admission. One common reason is that students do not even have a clear understanding of the required criteria. For Bachelor, Master and PhD, every university has different requirements. But the thing which is same is that not any university grants degree without dissertation submission.  Most of the students prefer to buy dissertation online in this regard. Thus, it is essential to understand degree requirements and follow the designed process. Just like degree requirements, the grading system also varies for every level of education. If you are interested in having a degree from UK University, you must be clear about two things. The first thing is a clear understanding of applying procedure. And once you secure admission to one of the reputable universities of the UK, then you have to focus on getting good grades.

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