Can Machines Learn to Write

Can Machines Learn to Write Academic Papers?

This question might leave you very surprised and even shocked; it is very hard to believe that machines can be taught to write academic papers and that they can do a good job of it but this is true. The way technology is progressing and the marvels that it is doing, it is no surprise […]

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Creative Learning Environment

Top 5 Habits to Do Study in a Creative Learning Environment

The most effective learning is gained through a properly organized and good environment. As the environment has a great impact on learning effectively, so it must be done in a systematized way. You must organize your time and space for the creative learning environment. Most of the students do not take much interest in getting […]

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Teach Liberal Values
Life Style

5 Easiest Ways to Teach Children about Liberal Values

In the era of technology where children can also access any information anywhere and at any time, it becomes difficult to teach them values, norms, and morals. Social media has become such a powerful place that people are using it for bringing reforms and revolutions. The same social media has widely spread the trend of […]

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