Process in Academic Writing 1

What is the Importance of Brainstorming Process in Academic Writing?

As a student, you will have to work on several papers. No doubt, it is a struggle for most of the students. For example, they have to face problems organizing their thoughts. They can’t submit unclear and unfocused works. To overcome these problems, we have to understand the importance of the brainstorming process. The students […]

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Kegel Exercise

What Is Kegel Exercise? Top Benefits for Females

A Kegel exercise is a simple clench and releases exercise that helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The area between the hips that holds the reproductive organs is the pelvis, and the pelvic floor is a series of muscles and tissues that forms a sling or hammock at the bottom of the pelvis. This […]

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Can Machines Learn to Write

Can Machines Learn to Write Academic Papers?

This question might leave you very surprised and even shocked; it is very hard to believe that machines can be taught to write academic papers and that they can do a good job of it but this is true. The way technology is progressing and the marvels that it is doing, it is no surprise […]

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