Can Machines Learn to Write

How Has MOOCs Changed the Life of Computer Professionals?

Introduction Can you study remotely? If yes, then MOOC is the best option for you out there. MOOC is the abbreviation of Massive Open Online Courses. Online courses are becoming a rapidly growing industry. Anyone irrespective of their location can take such courses. MOOCs often enrol a large number of students from all over the […]

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Mental Health During Academic Life

Top 5 Barriers to Innovation in Education

It is very difficult to explain what innovation is and how it works. It would not be wrong to say that it is not something that is planned or strategic Rather, it is something that just happens given the right chemistry or the right combination. Innovation has played a crucial role in the development and […]

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Mental Health

Different Plans To Help You To Grow Your Mental Health

Mental health is a person’s situation with regard to their emotional and expressive well being. Mental health represents your overall psychological welfare. It contains the way you feel about yourself, the excellence of your relationships, and your skill to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties. Strong mental health is not just a deficiency of […]

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